Hey Look! It’s Kiki Dunst’s Bum!


I am really looking forward to Marie Antoinette only because I hope Sofia Coppola can repeat the excellence she brought to theaters with Lost in Translation. My only worry is Kirsten Dunst in the lead as I don’t think she has really turned in a quality performance since she played Claudia in Interview with the Vampire when she was 12, but since this is her second turn with Coppola as she played the part of Lux Lisbon in Sofia’s The Virgin Suicides perhaps there is something I am missing.

Nonetheless, one thing I am not missing is Miss Dunst’s backside as we get a quick glimpse in the French International trailer Allocine is hosting, just check it out by clicking here or on any of the pics below.

Then, when you are done with that head on back and check out our gallery of 12 images.

Marie Antoinette hits theaters here in the States on October 10.

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