A Perfect Commentary on ‘American Dreamz’


I was considering giving Laremy the night off and writing my own review of Universal’s upcoming release American Dreamz but after a little searching over at MSNBC I found that everything I would have said about the film has already been said as Andy Dehnart basically dove into my head and ripped out everything I would have said about the film.

So, take these few clips from the article as my opinion and wait till Thursday when Laremy is most likely going to give you and opposing opinion, one I say you should really second guess.

Then again, what would this world, or site for that matter, be without opposing opinions?

With such rich subject matter, it’s almost impossible to believe that “American Dreamz” is as bad as it is. Besides failing to entertain or engage, the movie is satire without the irony, and parody without the ridicule.

“American Idol” is far more ridiculous and unpredictable than its fictional counterpart, and thus the whole exercise seems kind of pointless. The movie is merely a series of clichés that lack the emotional core of original metaphor, however trite and cheesy it may be.

Instead of making fun of some aspect of the TV show, the movie typically shows a character imitating “Idol,” which isn’t very funny at all.

…making fun of something is typically about more than just showing it.

The movie’s political characters, for example, don’t even need fictional names because they’re just bad copies of their real-life counterparts, including George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Laura Bush. Except for a few amusing moments, the actors just parrot their models.

After leaving the film I commented that this is a made-for-TV movie and then I read Dehnart saying the following, “It’s just all too familiar. Simon Cowell is on TV for half the year, and we already know him. Why do we need a fictional version of him, too? A bland Hugh Grant impersonation is an SNL skit at best.”

Son of a bitch! This guy really is in my head!

Check out the rest of the scathing article here

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