‘Fountain’, ‘300’ and ‘M:I 3’ Online Updates


Wow, the day is dead and I am left to report news on some things that I don’t really care about, but since some of you might let’s get to it.

First off, the HORRIBLE adaptation of the Mission: Impossible III theme by Kanye West is up at GoodMusic.net. The site refers to it as “sick” and they use the adjective in praise, but I felt a bit sick myself listening to it and that is in no way any form of praise. Wanna here it? Click here to check it out and just look for the headline that says “OFFICIAL Mission Impossible Theme” and download it. Thanks to AintItCoolNews for the heads up on this one.

Next up, I was sent a link to the official website for 300, which has been updated with new concept art and a video blog. This, I am sure is more interesting to most than the song so if you wanna dive into the latest adaptation of a Frank Miller graphic novel click here.

Finally, the offiicial site for Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain has been updated with two new screensavers and they are just as weird as the teaser trailer. To download the screensavers you have to roll your mouse over the little arrow at the bottom of the screen and click “Download Screensaver”, to download the alternative saver just change the view and repeat. Click here to get it.

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