‘Spy Hunter’ Script Review and Animatics


You wanna know what makes this script review worthwhile? The fact that Stuart Beattie wrote it. The man that had a hand in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, but more importantly Collateral in 2004. Granted he did pen the script for Derailed but we will forget about that as the boys over at LatinoReview have had a look at Beattie’s script for Spy Hunter, and not only that they have FIVE animatics giving you a peek at how that cool Spy Hunter car, The Interceptor, changes from car to boat, to cycle and so forth. You can check all of those out here, but as for the review let’s take a peek.

First off they give the script a “B+” saying that it is “Really, Really Good.” Obviously this doesn’t mean the movie will be good considering scripts can be butchered, but here is a snippet of some of the key points from the review:

The script is hot. I enjoyed the hell out of reading it. A good old-fashioned balls to the wall popcorn adventure movie. It feels like Raiders of the Lost Ark but with the car – the G-6155 Interceptor. Hell on wheels. This is not a movie for the intellectual movie going types. This is your opening weekend escapist Hollywood testosterone adventure movie. You are going to this film to strictly see the gadgets and the car.

Most of you probably remember Spy Hunter as the videogame featuring a car driving around with cool little gadgets and you probably aren’t sure how they are going to turn this into a story driven feature. Well, we all now games grow bigger and better and Spy Hunter is doing the same and the script review also previews the opening words from the feature:

In the waning years of the cold war, the world’s leading spy agencies suddenly found themselves facing a new threat: ROGUE SPIES. In response, six rival spy agencies formed an uneasy alliance to create a super-secret organization of elite SPY-HUNTERS. With global allegiances constantly shifting, the INTERNATIONAL ESPIONAGE SERVICE now finds its spy-hunters in ever increasing demand…

If you haven’t heard yet The Rock is starring in this flick as Alex Decker and the review goes a little more into the part he will play, but what is more important will he have enough to do? I thought Rock was wasted in Doom and his role was far too cliche for an ex-wrestler type, but it seems like this one is going to be a little less of the brawling style action and a little more of the spy-type action involving guns and gadgets. Almost like a 25th Century Bond style is the impression I am getting.

As for the rest of the review, that you are going to have to check out on your own, I am not stealing it all. Click here to check it out.

Spy Hunter is expected to hit theaters in 2007.

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