Cameron Talks ‘Project 880’


There has been a ton of speculation in regards to James Cameron‘s possible next project titled Project 880 and what exactly it was. Well, that speculation has come to rest in an interview over at Ain’t It Cool News as he spills the beans saying PROJECT 880 is AVATAR, or as he put it, “a retooled version of AVATAR.”

So what is Avatar? For those of you, like myself, that haven’t read the script that has been leaked around the web I am not here to give you much more additional insight although I did find one description I found on a blog after a Google search that read, “It’s about a man who goes to another planet to seek his fortune in a new mining industry. The only way one can do this kind of mining is to “mind-meld” with an alien creature (called Avatars) and control their bodies in this new dangerous yet profitable environment.”

Cameron did tell AICN that Project 880 still may not be the next film for the director as he is also planning work on Battle Angel Alita, but instead of me chatting about it, read the following and then click the link at the end of the article to read the full bit from AICN.

PROJECT 880 is AVATAR, or as he put it, “a retooled version of AVATAR” We talked about the scriptment that got out and he said while he was annoyed that it got out, he realized it was really no different than adapting a novel, and that certainly adapting that scriptment, which was incredibly dense as it was, had been a great challenge in and of itself.

Now he still doesn’t know if it is going to be BATTLE ANGEL ALITA or AVATAR that comes next. You see deep within the N.S.A. like security of LIGHTSTORM, Jim has been constructing a Virtual Production Studio completely unlike anything anyone has ever seen before. Within that space are two separate teams concurrently prepping and getting ready to shoot back to back essentially over a 3 year span, BATTLE ANGEL ALITA and AVATAR.

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