Affleck, Affleck and Monaghan are ‘Gone Baby Gone’


Where has Ben Affleck been? Well, apparently he has been in the lab penning a script based on the Dennis Lehane novel “Gone Baby Gone” and he has now resurfaced and Variety tells us he plans on directing the pic, which is set to star Ben’s brother Casey Affleck and Michelle Monaghan.

Gone Baby Gone will be distributed by Miramax Films and concerns two private investigators who hunt for an abducted 4-year-old in the seamiest side of the Boston underworld.

“I am a first-time director given an opportunity to pursue an artistic ambition I would not likely have the chance to elsewhere,” Affleck told Variety. “The budget is excruciatingly tight, I am regularly abused and I expect to be fired sometime before we shoot. It’s nice to see that, at Miramax, continuity has been maintained.”

Affleck will next be seen in Hollywoodland for Focus Features, a feature film surrounding the mysterious death of “Superman” star George Reeves played by Affleck.

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