How Sirius is Oldman?


I don’t think there is a film fan out there that doesn’t want to see Gary Oldman back in the shoes of Sirius Black for Warner Bros. Pictures’ fifth Harry Potter installment, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

The film began principal photography a week ago (Feb. 6) at the U.K.’s Leavesden Studios and at that time negotiations with Oldman had not yet begun. This led to speculation all over the place that Oldman would not be returning to the franchise and the part would have to be recast. Talk about something that would lead to riots!

So, what is the story?

Thankfully The Hollywood Reporter was able to get in touch with Potter producer David Heyman and his answer was simple, “We have every intention of having Gary Oldman play Sirius Black.”

Sirius Black plays a major role in the upcoming Order of the Phoenix and to think that any character would have to be recast, unless it was absolutely necessary (Dumbledore), would be depressing. Here is to hoping this works out just fine.

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