Jesse Martin has ‘Sexual Healing’


According to The Hollywood Reporter a biopic based on Marvin Gaye has just been greenlit with Jesse L. Martin set to play the famous singer in the film currently titled Sexual Healing.

The drama was written by Lauren Goodman and will chronicle the final years of Gaye, who, after years of battling drugs and having parted ways with Motown, exiled himself to Europe. There, he was rescued by promoter Freddy Cousaert, who helped Gaye record his biggest-selling album, “Midnight Love,” which produced Gaye’s monster comeback hit, “Sexual Healing.” Gaye’s life was cut short the day before his 45th birthday in 1984, when his father killed him.

The fact that this follows the Ray Charles and Johnny Cash pictures is no surprise based on their success and considering drugs once again seems to play a major role I don’t expect this film to be too much different than its predecessors.

How about a movie about a singer that did not have to overcome drug use? Did any other musicians suffer from a different life threatening vice?

Martin was last scene dancing around stage in the Columbia Pictures musical Rent.

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