Box Office Oracle: Jan. 13 – Jan. 15


Before our regularly scheduled prognostications we’re going to take a little walk down preview lane to look at the four films going wide this weekend. This will give a chance to look inside the mind of the oracle, to hear the wind blowing so to speak. It’s a murky weekend with all different types of genres being represented and there doesn’t seem to be a dominating film in the crowd. Let’s break it down, MC Hammer style.

The first contender for the crown is Hoodwinked. It’s animation, it’s kidriffic, it’s fun for all ages. This is a tough one to predict because it doesn’t have the huge ad blitz behind it that Disney and Pixar usually throw out. Films like Monsters, Inc. and The Incredibles opened in November and around the $70 million mark. Let’s say Hoodwinked has around 20 percent of the buzz around it of those big hitters.

Next up is Last Holiday. I was all set to be my usual scathing self but unfortunately the people I’ve spoken to say the film is decent, solely based on Queen Latifah‘s ebullience. The comedy pedigree in January seems to be along the lines of Orange County which was right around $15 million. I see Last Holiday a little behind that.

Tristan and Isolde is the romance/drama of the weekend. Romeo + Juliet opened at $11 million ten years ago but that was a way hipper film. The marketing on Tristan and Isolde seems pretty bad to me because it ignores the cool parts of the film where people are killing each other.

Glory Road is our inspirational sports movie of the weekend. Remember the Titans opened at $20 million in November and Miracle $20 million in February. Miracle was the highest quality film of them all but it had the dreaded February open. Remember the Titans wasn’t great but it was innovatively inspiring. Glory Road is not going to put butts in the seat at the same rate those two films did.

So you see the dilemma, none of these films are box office certainties. I guess that’s why they pay Oracle the big bucks, for tough calls like this weekend. I’ll try not to disappoint you mom.

1. Hostel $14.0m

Yep, I’m sticking with last weekend’s numero uno. Horror fans are more rabid about seeing them in the theater and the rest of the openers will just split the crowd.

2. Hoodwinked $13.1m

After horror comes parents. You’ve got to look for the crowd needing an escape and reward the movie that gives it to them. I look for this to be the first successful Weinstein Company venture.

3. Last Holiday $12.6m

Queen Latifah did this and Chicago. Which of these films does not belong?

4. Tristan and Isolde $11.1m

I hope come casting directors see this and give my boy James Franco some meatier roles.

5. Glory Road $10.0m

They really should have used the song “Glory Days” in this flick. After all, they will pass you by.

6. The Chronlices of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Warddrobe $9.4m

There is a possible conflict of interest on this one because they sent me to a dreamworld of magic as part of the press junket. It was just okay.

7. Fun with Dick and Jane $7.1m

There is a possible conflict of interest on this one because I had Fun with Dick and Jane as part of the press junket. Okay, this is just getting ridiculous.

8. King Kong $6.2m

The big ape has stuck around quite a few weeks. It’s amazing what a little elbow grease and CGI can do for you.

9. Brokeback Mountain $4.9m

So a theater in Utah won’t show this film… I say who cares? I couldn’t find Utah on a map if you spotted me the U and the T.

10. Munich $4.8m

It will be very interesting to see how much Oscar love this film gets. In general Oscar hates violence. Or wait, is that sex?

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