Trailers and Pics for Your Friday Fix


Yeah, yeah… I know some of these have been around for a while, but there just hasn’t been enough to warrant a complete article until now and I think these pics (and two trailers) will wake you up this Friday morning.

Click the pics below to enjoy the online goodness.


LatinoReview has a new look at an Underworld: Evolution poster and good Lord is it nice! Kate Beckinsale is so tasty this poster should be scratch and sniff!

For more Underworld: Evolution, including a batch of new pics, click here, but to check out the poster click the pic above.


LatinoReview has up your first look at the international poster for Poseidon, clicky the picky to take a peeky at the sinking ship.


BlackFilm has our first look at the poster for London, the film starring Chris Evans, Jessica Biel, Jason Statham and Joy Bryant.


LatinoReview also has up a bunch of pics from Guillermo del Toro‘s Spanish horror Pan’s Labyrinth.


Yeah, it’s not a pic, but it is cool. has up a nice little Final Destination 3 trailer of the previous films’ kills — along with a couple of peeks at the upcoming film’s demises. It is in QuickTime format and does take a while to load, but it is worth a peek.


UGO has up your first look at the Ultraviolet trailer.

Thanks to ‘SirMcDiznuts’, ‘Wilson’ and ‘Kelvin’ for the heads up on a few of these bad boys!

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