Sarandan Gets ‘Enchanted’


This story is so far from interesting I am second-guessing writing it as I type, but it involves an Oscar-winning actress and it is Award Season so what the hell?

The Hollywood Reporter is letting us in on the “big scoop” that Susan Sarandon in fact didn’t die in Team America and is set to star in Walt Disney’s Enchanted along with Amy Adams and James Marsden.

Sarandon will play Queen Narissa, a wicked queen intent on destroying true love, in the film centering on a princess-in-waiting who is banished from a classical animation world by a vainglorious queen and dumped into a modern-day, live-action Manhattan.

Sarandon’s role will be primarily toon based considering the film bounces from animation to live-action.

Filming begins in April, with Sarandon expected to begin working in May.

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