‘War’ Lures Back Julia


It seems the thought of retirement may not be exactly all Julia Roberts thought it may be. Even though word has it she doesn’t necessarily enjoy being pawed at by an adoring public Roberts is circling Universal’s Charlie Wilson’s War reports Variety.

Roberts would be reuniting with her Closer director, Mike Nichols, and would star opposite Tom Hanks in the picture in which Hanks will star as Charlie Wilson, the rogue Texas congressman who oversaw the covert funding of the Afghan rebels in their battle against the Soviet Union.

Roberts would play Joanne Herring, a big-haired and beautiful Texas socialite who influenced Wilson to support the rebel cause.

The screenplay is based on the book by George Crile, “Charlie Wilson’s War”, and was adapted by “West Wing” creator Aaron Sorkin, which means I am all over this one.

Apparently neither Roberts or Nichols have begun any kind of negotiations, which means this one is only Hollywood chatter for now.

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