Hugh Jackman Talks ‘X3’ and ‘Wolverine’


Wondering what will be new with Wolverine in the upcoming X-Men 3 movie or what the status of the Wolverine spin-off is? Well, Entertainment Weekly’s blog “Popwatch” was able to chat with Hugh Jackman and got a few answers to those questions and then some, here is a snippet:

EW: What’s different about Woverine 3.0?

HUGH JACKMAN: We tried to incorporate a little more of some of the artwork of the comics into Wolverine’s fighting style… Simon [Crane, stunt coordinator for Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Troy, and both Tomb Raiders] kind of convinced me and we worked on some styles of incorporating some of the artwork in the comics, which is a little stylized, more to use what his strength is — which is [that he’s] small.

EW: Will fans of the comic book be satisfied — especially since Bratt Ratner is new to the franchise?

Oh, yeah. There’s a lot of things we really tried to get in 1 and 2 which were just real expensive and we couldn’t get them in until 1 and 2 were so successful… if you go to that midnight screening on the first night, they’ll just be going ballistic. There’s some specific choreography, famous fighting moves, that we use in this movie that we haven’t been able to do before.

To read the rest including the bit on the Wolverine spin-off click here

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