Box Office Wrap-Up: Dec. 30 – Jan. 2


Usually when films drop to 2nd place they stay there. That’s one of the hard and fast rules to being an oracle. If you are in first and nothing new debuts you are likely to stay right there in first. Unfortunately Narnia and King Kong conspired this weekend to start the Oracle’s year off in an inaccurate manner. Nice going jerks.

1. The Chronicles of Narnia 32.8m (My rank #2, 13.5m off)
The SNL Chronicles of Narnia rap is the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages.

2. King Kong 31.6m (My rank #1, 9.8m off)
It was a much bigger box office week than I expected. I figured the hangovers would keep the people away.

3. Fun with Dick and Jane 21.0m (My rank #3, 8.8m off)
For all the bad press this one was getting last year it made decent cash.

4. Cheaper by the Dozen 2 19.3m (My rank #4, 12.1m off)
Speaking of SNL anyone remember “not going to phone it in tonight” from one of Steve Martin’s monologues. Those were the good old days.

5. Rumor Has It 11.6m (My rank #8, 7.7m off)
I had this one dying big time this weekend. Once again I’m the sillykins of the family.

6. The Family Stone 10.2m (My rank: #6, 4.8m off)
Dear Claire Danes, Why are you so good looking in this and bad looking in Shopgirl? Why do you confuse us gents?

7. Memoirs of a Geisha 8.4 (My rank: #7, 3.8m off)
Did they really have to have a Chinese gal play a traditional Japanese woman? Really? Yeah, she was hot but culturally I’m offended.

8. The Ringer 7.4 (My rank: #9, 3.5m off)
Oh it’s been rung my friend, it’s been rung.

9. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 5.9m (My rank: #10, 3.1m off)
I think the new one is coming out soon.

10. Munich 5.7m (My rank: Not Ranked)
Munich got me again with a strong per theater performance. This week I’m ranking it even if they pull it out of all theaters. I won’t be fooled thrice.

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