Ali G Puts On ‘Curly Oxide’


Sacha Baron Cohen, better known as Ali G, from the hit HBO comedy show, is set to star in Curly Oxide and Vic Thrill a film described by Variety as a fact-based story of a Hasidic Jew and a grizzled rock musician who form a band.

“Saturday Night Live” star and Mean Girls scribe Tina Fey wrote the script, which will have Cohen playing Curly Oxide, the rock moniker adopted by a young Hasidic Jew who wandered into the Brooklyn bar where a drunken Vic Thrill played his raucous rock. The duo headed to Thrill’s recording studio and began laying down tracks that mixed their musical styles with playful lyrics.

As for whether or not Cohen is going to be able to go much further than his Ali G persona will all be decided soon as he recently starred alongside Will Ferrell in the Adam McKay-directed NASCAR comedy for Columbia Pictures, and he is aligned to Dinner for Schmucks, a remake of French pic Le Diner de cons.

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