VIDEO FEATURE: 10 Clips from ‘The Producers’


I was able to attend the press junket for The Producers, and while you are going to have to wait to read the interviews featuring chats with Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Gary Beach, Roger Bart and director Susan Stroman you can now check out 10 clips from the film, which give you a nice little taste of what to expect. I am not sure if this film is going to be the hit in theaters that it is on Broadway, but it certainly has a flair all it’s own.

As for the clips may I recommend Clip #4 as a warm-up and then move on to say Clip #9, 5 and 6 as you go thru. Those are just some of my favorites, but I am sure you will have your own so click away.

The Producers opens in theaters on December 16, 2006.

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