Stuart Townsend has a ‘Theory’


For Stuart Townsend I can only assume that acting roles are icing on the cake. The man is sleeping with Charlize Theron for crying out loud, now that is cake if I ever heard of any. So, when his TV show “Nightstalker” was cancelled I am sure his world wasn’t absolutely rocked. After all, he’s a movie actor, TV’s for chumps.

It seems Stuart has indeed left the world of television acting in his wake now that he has joined the cast of the romantic comedy Chaos Theory for Warner Independent Pictures. The film already stars Ryan Reynolds and Emily Mortimer and is being directed by Marcos Siega.

The story centers on a compulsive organizer (Reynolds) who decides to live his life without planning and in the process discovers love with Mortimer’s character. Townsend will be completing the triangle as Buddy, the best friend of Reynolds’ character who also falls in love with Mortimer’s character.

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