Box-Office Oracle: Nov. 25 – Nov. 27


The releases this week are a bit lackluster with only Rent drawing big buzz. I hadn’t even heard of In the Mix! The Ice Harvest has Thorton and Cusack reuniting for this year’s Bad Santa. Is Thorton only doing holiday films now? When does Kwanzaa get some love over here?

1. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 73.3m
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire will dominate the weekend like Ra (the Sun God) dominates our every waking moment.

2. Rent 26.7m
Over the long holiday weekend many a husband will be dragged to this. Shoulda had kids pal, then you’d be watching Potter.

3. Yours, Mine, and Ours 18.6m
Based on the trailer alone I’d say this is a hilarious send-up involving the communication issues of mixed marriage families. I can’t wait!

4. Walk the Line 15.3m
Did you know Cash was into Bob Dylan? I know he also did a Nine Inch Nails cover with the song “Hurt”. Johnny was truly a man for all seasons.

5. Just Friends 12.5m
Wow did I not like this flick. However it’s a romantic comedy in a time when the masses are crying out for romantic comedies so it will be in the mix. Ryan Reynolds is a regular reader of this column so I want to give him a Turkey Weekend shout-out!

6. The Ice Harvest 10.1m
Quite an artsy title for a comedy eh? I’m an Oliver Platt guy (he’s in the film). Call me a Plattian.

7. Chicken Little 8.0m
If this was called Turkey Little the people would be legally obligated to attend.

8. Pride and Prejudice 7.8m
They are releasing this puppy wide this weekend. Pride, Prejudice, the two things that have kept the Oracle down all these years.

9. In The Mix 3.2m
It’s got Usher and I’ve got to admire that. At seven bucks a ticket I’ve got Usher’s 450 thousand fans attending.

10. Derailed 2.5m
Jen and my boy Vince Vaughn are getting jiggy with it and why not? The beautiful people should mate when possible.

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