Gong Talks ‘Miami Vice’ and ‘Young Hannibal’


DarkHorizons has scored a nice little bit of interview clips as they interviewed Gong Li during her promotional rounds for Memoirs of a Geisha and she talked a bit about two of her upcoming films Miami Vice and Young Hannibal.

Miami Vice is set for a July 28, 2006 and stars Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx in the lead roles as Crockett and Tubbs with Michael Mann and the helm as writer and director. As for Young Hannibal, that one is also due out next year but a release date is not yet set in the film that is going to tell the origin of the famed psycho killer Hannibal Lecter, a role made notorious by Anthony Hopkins.

Check out the interview snippets below:

“In Miami Vice I play the head of a drug cartel – so just like you were saying before she is sort of a bad girl. So there are a lot of special terms, kind of technical terms related to the drug trade that I had to learn very carefully” says Gong, who also revealed she’ll have an interesting voice in the role – “Mann also has me playing a Cuban Chinese woman and so in addition to that I had to express the lines with a Cuban accent in English. I had a Cuban teacher and he has a very strong Cuban accent in English”.

As for her role in “Young Hannibal”, she says “I guess I play yet another sort of bad woman. In this case her role is to introduce the young Hannibal to a certain kind of world – a kind of life as it were – and so she has a very strong influence on his later development, as we see him in the other films, grow up to be an adult. And so it’s through this kind of relationship, and maybe a bit of romance even, that she has a very strong impact on the shaping of his personality”. In that role she’ll speak English with a British accent.

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