Cruz Falls for Brody’s Matador


Variety is reporting that Adrien Brody and Penelope Cruz are set to star in Manolete for helmer Menno Meyjes who also penned the script.

The film is about Manuel Rodriguez Sanchez and his love affair with actress Lupe Sino. Apparently Sanchez is legendary, but I haven’t heard of him. Then again I keep up on matador history as much as I attend cock fights. Okay fine, I go to cock fights in downtown Seattle all the time, but I still know nothing of this Sanchez guy.

Variety tells me that the movie is set in 1940s Spain and tells the story of matador Sanchez’s infatuation with Sino, which continued until his death in the bullring in 1947 at 30.

Good old Adrien Brody will have his hands full of beef with this one as he is already set to travel to Spain in January to work with a bullfighter in preparation for the March 21 start of principal photography.

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