CASTING CALL: Six More to Ponder


According to Variety Mandy Moore is set to star as Diane Keaton‘s daughter in Because I Said So for director Michael Lehmann and Gold Circle Films with Universal Pictures set to distribute the film here in the States.

The picture was penned by Karen Leigh Hopkins and Jessie Nelson, and will feature Keaton as a meddling mother who, in order to prevent her youngest daughter (Moore) from following in her footsteps, attempts to set her up with the right man. Shooting begins late this month.

Robert De Niro listened to me! Okay, well maybe he hasn’t ever heard of me, of or even heard of the Internet, but that doesn’t make this news any less exciting for me as Variety tells us De Niro may be headed back to the mafia game. Yup, he’s gonna be a tough guy again in a real movie.

Apparently De Niro is attached to star in the adaptation of Don Winslow’s yet-to-be-published “The Winter of Frankie Machine” for Paramount Pictures in which he would play a Mafia hit man who has given up the game to become the proprietor of a bait shop. When he finds out that he’s been targeted for a hit, he gets back in the business.

“He did say that (he wouldn’t play a Mafia character),” producer Jane Rosenthal told Variety. “But along came Don Winslow, who created a perfect character. The lesson here is, never say never.”

While the film is not a sure thing, it is still exciting to know that we may be able to see Bobby D back in the type of role he was made for.

Amy Adams, a girl none of us have heard of, that is unless you saw the underexposed film Junebug or remember her from Catch Me if You Can, but nonetheless Disney has found something special in her as she will fill the bill as the princess in Enchanted for the studio says Variety.

The film is going to be a cross between CGI and live action and follows the story of a princess-in-waiting who’s banished by an evil queen from the cartoon world of Andalasia to the hardened world of present-day New York. The film turns to live action, and so does the princess. She attempts to navigate the city, find true love and save herself.

As for Adams, if you don’t remember her from either of the first two movies I mentioned you will still have a chance to catch her in the currently untitled NASCAR project that starring Will Ferrell.

Jean Reno is joining Anna Paquin, Mark Ruffalo, Matt Damon, J. Smith-Cameron and Matthew Broderick in Margaret, a drama for writer/director Kenneth Lonergan says The Hollywood Reporter.

The film revolves around a young woman (Paquin) who witnesses a bus crash and is caught up in its aftermath. Reno will play Ramon, a South American millionaire who is pursuing Paquin’s mother.

Reno will next be seen in Ron Howard’s The Da Vinci Code as Capt. Bezu Fache followed by the unnecessary remake of The Pink Panther.

Imelda Staunton has just signed on to play opposite Hilary Swank in Freedom Writers for Paramount Pictures and MTV Films reports The Hollywood Reporter.

The drama is based on a true story and centers on a teacher (Swank) at a gang-infested Long Beach, Calif., school who is faced with the daunting task of teaching freshman English to a racially diverse class of teenagers. Staunton will play a colleague of Swank’s character.

I have no initial idea what exactly is going to be spoofed in the upcoming fourth installment of the Scary Movie franchise, but we just got a snippet as The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Carmen Electra, Leslie Nielsen and Simon Rex have joined the cast of Scary Movie 4. Even though Electra’s character met an unfortunate death in the original picture she will play a new character in a plotline parodying The Village while Nielsen and Rex will reprise their roles from Scary Movie 3.

Early word on movies to spoof were The Hulk, Daredevil, and Spider-man but with the recent rash of horror flicks I am sure it will be much more inventive than that. War of the Worlds will have to work its way in there and I can’t imagine The Grudge being overlooked as well.

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