Cool J Thriller Getting Penned


Not exactly a bombshell bit of news here, more in the so what pile, but I was awake and decided to pop this one up, so sue me.

As for the story, Lions Gate Films has tapped Charlie Bohl to script an untitled thriller for LL Cool J to star in. If you remember back in July, it was announced that Lions Gate and LL were pacting on a multiyear, multipic deal and this flick will serve as the first in that deal.

The film sure must be a good one, yeah right, as the storyline is being kept under wraps. Who knows this could be the next Ben-Hur with LL behind the wheel of the chariot. My God, when studios begin keeping the storyline’s to LL Cool J films under wraps we really have lost things to look forward to.

Fortunately Variety tells us that the film is supposed to be an African-American version of a cross between Fatal Attraction and Body Heat and who’s to say it won’t be? I am just not holding my breath.

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