Grace and Scott Suffer Some Cockblockery


Honestly I don’t see any way this title will ever stick in this world of political correctness. The determined groups out to destroy everything fun, things they deem ‘unwholesome’ are sure to jump on this one immediately. Paramount Pictures has just set Topher Grace and Seann William Scott to star in… get this… Cockblocker. Yeah, tell me that one is gonna stick.

The film centers on a new couple with one problem: The woman’s ex-boyfriend keeps blocking the advances of her new beau. Scott will play the menacing ex, with Grace set as the new love.

The film was scripted and will be directed by Greg Coolidge and a quick click over to The Hollywood Reporter tells us that the title has been “MPAA-challenged”. Anyone surprised?

As for Coolidge, he also scripted the upcoming action-comedy Ride Along which will be directed by Roger Kumble and stars Ryan Reynolds and The Rock.

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