Gellar Falls in Love with Alec Baldwin?


Alec Baldwin has just been afforded the task of playing boyfriend to Sarah Michelle Gellar in The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing for writer/director Marc Klein.

The film is based on the stories from Melissa Bank’s book, “A Girl’s Guide to Hunting and Fishing” and the story follows a young New York book editor (Gellar) who always has defined herself by the type of man she can get. When she meets and ensnares the affections of an older, very powerful and extremely sophisticated man (Baldwin), she thinks her problems are solved when they’ve only just begun.

Seeing these two on screen together is probably going to look quite odd considering there is just shy of a 20 year age gap between the two. Hey, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are 25 years apart as they share the exact same birth date and we have grown to accept that. Maybe after five years or so we will learn to accept Gellar and Baldwin as an onscreen couple, it could happen.

Back to the topic, this will mark Klein’s directorial debut, but his written work has seen the big screen before in the form of the John Cusak starrer Serendipity and he also wrote the upcoming Ridley Scott feature A Good Year starring Russell Crowe.

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