Kloves Back to Script Sixth ‘Potter’ Flick


After taking a movie off, which is why Michael Goldenberg scripted Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Steven Kloves is coming back to script Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince for Warner Bros.

Apparently Goldenberg is not leaving the studio as Warners has set the screenwriter to write and direct an original, futuristic drama once he finishes the Phoenix script.

Kloves adapted the first four Potter films and decided to not do the fifth in an effort to write and direct The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time for Warners. Kloves told Variety, “I can’t fully explain exactly why I chose to exit for a time. What I do know is that I soon found myself missing the world and the characters.”

Now it only remains to be seen whether or not the Goldenberg script abandons the feeling Kloves has developed, and we will have to wait till June 2007 for Order of the Phoenix to hit theaters.

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