Scarlett and Colin in ‘Borgia’


Where has Colin Farrell been since the Alexander debacle? Well, for those of you who don’t know he is filming a little something called Miami Vice with Jamie Foxx for one of the best directors in the biz Michael Mann.

Where is he gonna be after that? With Scarlett Johansson filming Borgia for Neil Jordan. Variety is reporting that Jordan is finally giving his long gestating drama some legs as the story of the internal struggles of the most powerful family in 15th century Rome has its two leads.

The Variety article goes on to say that the project has been a passion of Jordan’s for years. He nearly had the film ready to go in 2002 with Ewan McGregor and Christina Ricci, but the collapse of the Neuer Markt that enabled such international productions left his film short of cash and he moved on. Jordan’s film has regained steam, thanks to the combination of Johansson and Farrell.

Jordan wrote the script which is said to be filled with betrayal, backstabbing and murder, within a family that aspired to be the most powerful clan of the Renaissance. Check out a larger snippet from the article below:

In 1492, the Pope dies and Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia emerges as the top contender to head the Vatican, despite a litter of illegitimate children. When he gets the papal throne, Rodrigo moves to consolidate his power thereby empowering and alienating various members of his family.

Johansson will play Rodrigo’s daughter Lucrezia Borgia, who’s torn between her family duties and a desire to find true love. Farrell will play Rodrigo’s youngest sun Cesare, a duplicitous and manipulative sibling who considers himself his sister’s closest confidante.

Production on Borgia is set to begin in April.

Finally, in case you needed a reminder of how hot she is… see below.

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