WIP and Cherry Fall to Earth


A remake is a remake is a remake and they are not hard to come by as of late, and yet another one is getting under way as Warner Independent Pictures and Cherry Road Films are tackling The Man Who Fell to Earth with Oren Moverman set to adapt the script.

WIP and Cherry have not only optioned the rights to the 1963 Walter Tevis novel, they have also gained right to Nicolas Roeg’s 1977 British film starring David Bowie.

The story is about an alien who comes to Earth disguised as a businessman to procure water for his parched planet. Along the way, he becomes the head of a powerful international conglomerate and discovers just how greedy mankind is, falling into a metaphysical crisis.

As for director and cast, this one has none. This is what we would consider “early pre-production” and even that may be an overstatement.

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