De Niro Learns ‘What Just Happened’


Remember that guy to the left? Yeah, a lot of us are forgetting as Robert De Niro has found himself yet another role that looks as if it may just further deviate from the greatness he once showed. De Niro’s recent film choices have been so far out of his range it isn’t even funny after he played a nut job in Godsend and Hide and Seek and then tried to show the world he is a comedian in Meet the Parents. Now he is set to star in What Just Happened? for Barry Levinson, a film based on Art Linson’s memoir about his experiences as a Hollywood producer.

Variety reports that De Niro will play a Linson-like producer who is going through two weeks of hell as he tries to get a picture made. Sean Penn is expected to play himself, and other famous faces are slated to take part in a comedy the filmmakers hope will do for moviemaking what Wag The Dog did for politics. Levinson directed that political comedy, Rosenthal produced it, and De Niro starred in it alongside Dustin Hoffman.

I actually have a lot of faith in Barry Levinson, I mean the guy did give us The Natural, Rain Man and Sleepers (yeah, I liked Sleepers), but I am also reminded that he also gave us Envy last year, easily the worst movie of 2004. So, whether this movie will be good or not is really a toss up.

I will just have to hold off on any official opinion.

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