The Scary Fish Will Swim Again


Variety begins their article announcing that Wild Bunch is going to remake the old school horror Piranha by saying, “after the B.O. success of Land of the Dead and other horror remakes.” Really? Can we really consider Land of the Dead a success? That movie was such a pile and is not even a remake, it is George A. Romero’s lost touch with his one-time greatness when it came to the zombie story. Now we are going to get a remake of a movie about killer fish, a movie that can be considered a classic in its own right, at least a cult classic if nothing else. What else can be done with it?

Apparently Piranha will shoot in the U.S. in March or April and a cast is not yet set, and I can’t see a flock of big name talent swarming on this one.

When thinking about remakes such as King Kong or even House of Wax there are areas you can actually legitimize their creation. With King Kong technology has advanced so far that the great ape can actually come to life, with House of Wax technology once again plays a part along with larger budgets as it was just able to go bigger (and in my opinion better). However, with Piranha it can really do no more than… Actually can it do anything more than have fish eat people when they fall in the water? Piranhas don’t fly do they, or walk, or talk? Actually, talking killer piranhas would be worth watching, “Hey Jim let’s go eat that hot bitch that just fell in the water! Grab the boys!” Now that is a movie!

Stay tuned for more, I am sure a cast of nobodies or ex-somebodies will be aboard this project soon.

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