‘Creepshow’ Remake Underway


I never saw the original Creepshow, which was written by Stephen King and directed by George A. Romero, and I never saw its sequel and I have only heard vague rumblings about the upcoming Creepshow 3, but it seems Warner Bros. is certain to make sure people like me know all about the scare fest as they have set out to remake the 1982 gore fest.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Vertigo Entertainment along with Taka Ichise of OZ LA, James Dudelson and Tony Ludwig will be producing the project.

Like I said I never saw the first film so a synopsis doesn’t come to mind but THR said the following:

Although in the original anthology the stories — which were written in the old 1950s EC Comics style — were unconnected, the plan is to structure the new movie a la Go, where individual stories will have interconnected characters and situations.

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