Martin Campbell Talks ‘Bond’


The word is out, the worst kept secret ever, besides the Spider-Man 3 villains of course, Daniel Craig is James Bond and now director Martin Campbell is talking more about the film and LatinoReview had a chance to chat with him and get a bit more dirt on Casino Royale.

Check out a snippet below:

Latino Review: So is this you’re new habit of yours? Breaking in the new Bond?

Martin Campbell: (Laughs) Well the reason I’m doing Bond is because it’s the first book, Casino Royale is the first book…

Latino Review: I’ve read the novel and I wanted to ask you…

Martin Campbell: I bet there’s a scene in you want to talk about.

Latino Review: What? The genitals being cutting off.

Martin Campbell: (Laughs) That’s going to be a tough one. I think I’ll do it in close up. (Laughs) I think there will a lot of woman that will love that scene. But what’s interesting about this is Bond when he’s starting out. He’s just got his 00’s stripes and he’s not the perfect Bond at all. I mean he makes mistakes, he’s a little raw, he’s a little arrogant, he’s a bit of a loose cannon, but by the end of the movie of course he becomes the perfect machine Bond that we know.

He also reveals that there will be no gadgets, it will be PG-13 because he thinks “kids have to go and see it” and that Clive Owen, Eric Bana and Hugh Jackman were never even approached for the role. Obviously I am not going to tell you the whole thing, so click here to read the entire interview, which also includes some bits on the upcoming actioner The Legend of Zorro.

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