Cordero Helming the ‘Manhunt’


This news was originally announced in an interview with producer Lawrence Bender over at SuicideGirls, but I didn’t do an article write-up so I am remeding that now as The Hollywood Reporter is also now reporting the news that Sebastián Cordero will direct Manhunt, which will star Harrison Ford.

Thee film is based on James L. Swanson’s forthcoming book, “Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase For Lincoln’s Killer,” and takes place after Lincoln’s assassination by John Wilkes Booth and follows the search for the assassin led by Col. Everton Conger (Ford).

Cordero most recently directed John Leguizamo in Crónicas a film he also wrote, and a film I am yet to see, but the DVD is on my shelf at home waiting for a screening.

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