Knightley Gets Attacked By Invisible Monster?



While I am sure this will be featured in one way or another in the trailers, and also sounds like it may hurt the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels Keira Knightley has revealed information on a new “character” to be featured in the new films.

For those of you that don’t like spoilers of any sort turn your head now, but for the rest of you, check out the snippet below that comes courtesy of

“I had my first day back [recently], because we had a little bit of a break over the summer. My first day back was being dragged across the deck by an invisible giant squid, invisible because it’s being put in by CGI afterwards,” Knightley giggled. “So I just spent the entire time pretending that it was tentacles everywhere, and the director was running around going, ‘I’m a tentacle, I’m a tentacle.’ It takes a little bit of an imagination; I have no idea what it’s going to look like, but hopefully it’ll be cool.”

For the stunt work, the actress “had a harness on, and a line running down my leg and coming out the bottom of my boot, and it was on a machine. They cranked the machine and it would just whip me over the floor, it was wicked.” The fully-realized beast will attack Knightley as she rides on an ocean vessel in one of the “Pirates” films, due in theaters in the next few years. …

Stay tuned for more Pirates info and check out our Pirates pages for Pirates 2: Dead Man’s Chest and Pirates 3.

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