Craig is New Bond? Really?


Usually when a story this big comes out you get the supposed rumors one day and the confirmation the next. So if this is true I expect either Variety or The Hollywood Reporter to be giving us official word tomorrow morning.

Until then I will allow “This is London” to give us this statement proclaiming Daniel Craig has won the role of James Bond in Casino Royale.

In the end a shortlist of two emerged – Craig and newcomer Henry Cavill. The pair were auditioned again and tried on tuxedos to see how they would look in the quintessential Bond clothing.

Craig, 37, whose choice will be confirmed by producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson later this week, will be the sixth Bond, but the first blond.

He will star in the 21st Bond film, based on Ian Fleming’s first book Casino Royale.

Casino Royale is expected to hit theaters on October 19, 2006. So if this is official I would expect production to begin shortly.

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