Waiters/Waitresses Learn to F*%k With Customers


WARNING!!! Before reading on you need to know that this is NOT safe for work, NOT safe for young kids (so parents do your parenting thing) and NOT safe for customers at restaurants.

In celebration of Lions Gate Films upcoming release of Waiting starring Ryan Reynolds, Justin Long, Anna Faris, Luis Guzmán and Emmanuelle Chriqui director Rob McKittrick has put together a “Restaurant Rules and Regulations” poster that should NOT be placed in any restaurants, and if it is, run for your fucking life!

The Rules and Regulations to waiting on people are in an Adobe PDF format and can be downloaded by clicking here or on the preview pic above.

Be warned, this is a bit raunchy so parents if your kids get hold of this they have been warned and you have been warned, and if they start pulling down their pants and playing with their naughty bits the blame is all on you… or at least not me.

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