Trio Find ‘Pride and Glory’


Variety is reporting that New Line Cinema is on the verge of setting Edward Norton, Colin Farrell and Noah Emmerich to star in Pride and Glory, with Gavin O’Connor set to direct the script written by Joe Carnahan.

The film is described as a generational drama about a family of police officers in New York torn apart by a corruption scandal. Norton is poised to play a homicide detective who is assigned to investigate the precinct run by his older brother (Emmerich). Farrell plays the investigator’s best friend, a cop in that precinct who might be dirty himself.

O’Connor’s father was apparently a New York City detective and he told Variety, “It’s a celebration of honest cops, which was everything my father was about. Though it is fictional, it is an homage to my father… This is a police drama that has qualities of family, corruption and redemption that ring true.”

Filming is scheduled to begin in New York in January.

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