Jim Carrey’s Next Will be ‘Number 23’


Variety is reporting that Jim Carrey is ready for another drama and this time he is teaming with director Joel Schumacher on the film The Number 23 for New Line Cinema.

The drama is scheduled to begin shooting in November in which Carrey will play a man who becomes obsessed and haunted upon reading a book that seems to be about his life but ends with a murder. The number 23 is woven throughout the plot.

The Variety article goes on to say that this is not the first time Schumacher has been attached to the thriller. As schedules freed up the helmer and actor both decided to make it their next film as Schumacher’s other project, The Crowded Room, has gone back into the lab for a rewrite. Apparently the fact-based film about a man with 24 different personalities has had a few scripting hiccups.

Carrey and Schumacher last worked together on Batman Forever, let’s hope this one turns out better than that one did.

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