MTV Films is ‘Suffering’


As if there weren’t enough videogame adaptations on the way in the world of movies Music Television, better known as MTV, has announced that it has acquired the film rights to the Surreal Software action-horror videogame The Suffering.

Anyone that has seen the trailer for Doom or any of Uwe Bole’s adaptations probably already knows this is a losing battle as it seems Resident Evil has the only chance of being a good adaptation, and even that is stretching it a bit.

The Suffering is a game that centers around a hardened inmate sentenced to die for a murder he may or may not have actually committed. There is a sequel to the game planned with the subtitle “Ties That Bind” that will emphasize the disturbing terror of its predecessor, with new twisted creatures and a few familiar faces. Set in the unforgiving streets and prisons of Baltimore, the player once again controls Torque as he seeks revenge against the mysterious grand manipulator Blackmore, a man somehow tied to the death of Torque’s family. Players will explore the tough inner-city, with poverty and urban injustices trapping people just as effectively as a physical prison. The unique morality system returns, as players delve into the perverse world of Torque’s sanity to discover his past and struggle to control his future.

MTV Films is working in conjunction with Stan Winston and Brian Gilbert from Stan Winston Productions and Jason Lust and Rick Jacobs from Circle of Confusion on The Suffering‘s development as a feature film project.

“We are very excited to be working hand in hand with Midway to translate this innovative game into an edge-of-your-seat film,” said David Gale, Executive Vice President, MTV Films. “Gaming is such a huge part of the culture for MTV’s audience it makes perfect sense for us to work with Midway, Stan Winston and Circle of Confusion on bringing The Suffering to life as a feature film.”

The Suffering is a true action-horror experience with plenty of disturbing and twisted creatures,” said Alan Patmore, president, Surreal Software. “We are extremely happy to be working with MTV Films to bring the terror to the big screen in what promises to be a groundbreaking horror film.”

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