Stone Loses Role to Zeta-Jones, and She is Pissed!

ON is carrying a story with a reported rumor that Sharon Stone is furious over the fact that she lost the lead role in a biopic of Lana Turner. Who did the role go to? Why Catherine Zeta-Jones of course, the woman that somehow manages to stand the test of time and look absolutely phenomenal as long as she is not carrying out the role of baby-making machine.

The MSNBC article goes on to say that producers are said to have wanted a younger star to play the late screen goddess, whose daughter, Cheryl Crane, stabbed and killed Turner’s lover, Johnny Stompanato. Turner was 37 at the time; Stone is currently 47. Catherine Zeta-Jones is 35. Producers were also said to be talking to 20-year-old star Scarlett Johansson.

Stone has been quoted as saying that she met Turner shortly before her death from throat cancer in 1995, and the screen goddess told her that if there was ever a movie made about her, she wanted Stone to play her. “I met Lana in her final years and liked her a great deal,” Stone said. “She was every inch the great movie star and we got along really well. She said if there was a film to be made on her life, then I was her choice.”

In all honesty, Sharon Stone’s time has come and gone. The days of her leg-crossing antics are in the past and I couldn’t care less whether she ever worked again. I know it won’t make my life feel any richer… Then again, look at the pic below, doesn’t look much like Zeta-Jones does it? I also can’t really picture Catherine as a blonde. Now the Scarlett Johansson thing I may be able to get on board with… look below and decide for yourself.

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