Slater’s Career is Now ‘Hollow’


If there was ever a reason to spank a studio it is now as Fangoria brings us news that Sony Pictures has now begun filming Hollow Man 2 up in Vancouver.

While we already knew that, the one thing you didn’t know is who was starring, well Fango tells us that Christian Slater, Laura Regan and William MacDonald will be toplining the feature. As for the story line, I will let them give you those little bits:

In the sequel, directed by Claudio Fäh from a script by Dimension Films’ direct-to-video king Joel Soisson. Slater stars as a volunteer soldier/assassin who goes mad after he turns invisible. But unlike in the first film directed by Paul Verhoeven and starring Kevin Bacon, the latest Hollow Man faces an invisible protagonist this time, a cop trying to protect the story’s heroine (Regan).

“Yes, there are two Hollow Men, hence the title,” a source close to the production tells Fango. “One is good and the other evil, and they duke it out. The fight scenes are awesome.”

As before, the invisibility experiments affect the subjects both mentally and physically, though now, the characters become mutated once they reappear. “The guys look almost zombiefied, gruesome and disfigured,” our contact says of the makeups. “Their cells are mutating, like in [Cronenberg’s The Fly]. You can compare them to the Elephant Man.”

This news came to me via who was also able to find a link to some pics from the set, check those out here.

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