Crudup Added to Abrams’ ‘Mission’


Filming on Mission: Impossible 3 began in July and even an early film still hit the web only a couple of weeks ago, but apparently casting for the film was not yet done as Variety reports Billy Crudup has been set for a lead role in the film, yup a lead role. Filming began on Mission: Impossible 3 without one of the lead roles cast…

Now, the storyline is being kept absolutely under wraps, which is very important, because… Well, actually I have no idea why it is important, but nevertheless there is no clue as to what role Crudup will be playing and I am only assuming Tom Cruise will be playing the teenage girl hunting Ethan Hunt, only because that would make sense.

The film is set for a May 5, 2006 release and for those of you that like official sites with absolutely no Flash or anything at all going on you can check out the recently launched M:I 3 site here.

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