Kidman Attends ‘The Bachelorette Party’


I thought Nicole Kidman prove comedy wasn’t her thing with The Stepford Wives and Bewitched but I guess I am just not in the know as 20th Century Fox is set to take their shot as they have just optioned The Bachelorette Party, the new novel from Legally Blonde scribe Karen McCullah Lutz with Kidman being eyed as the star.

Kidman will also produce the picture which tells the comedic tale of a Los Angeles bachelorette party gone awry:

Despite being recently jilted at the altar, a high school teacher must attend the sendoff of her uptight cousin — who happens to be marrying the teacher’s best guy friend. When the cousin betrays her fiancee’s trust with a drunken indiscretion, the teacher must decide if her loyalties lie with her cousin or her pal.

Lutz will adapt her own novel for the screen, a start date was not mentioned.

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