MPAA Says No to ‘Saw II’ Severed Digits


If you haven’t checked out the latest addition to our Saw II gallery then you haven’t seen the newest poster for the October 28th horror follow-up as Lions Gate learned the hard way that they must get MPAA approval even on their advertising materials, which is the reason for the new poster.

The first, and ultra cool, poster for the film, which can be seen right here in its hi-res glory, was banned by the MPAA’s Advertising Administration citing the poster “is unacceptable under Advertising Administration standards.”

The CNN article giving us this bit of information goes on to say the following:

The MPAA, the trade group for the major Hollywood studios, also charged that some sites had the unapproved artwork available for sale as a poster, and other sites were carrying an unapproved theatrical trailer displaying an unauthorized “R” rating.

Lions Gate has agreed to contact the Web sites immediately to request that they remove the unapproved material. It also will ask exhibitors to return unapproved in-theater materials, according to the MPAA.

Lions Gate has not yet commented on the situation and for them to ask websites to remove the material is just another form of unnecessary censorship in a realm where censorship is not needed, as if online content can be controlled anyhow. What is the big deal about a couple of severed fingers anyway?

Check out a hi-res version of the new poster here or click on the teaser pic above.

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