Remember, Remember It Won’t be November


Most of you have probably already heard the news, but if you haven’t, V for Vendetta will not be making its planned November release date despite its recent teaser trailer asking you to “Remember, remember, the fifth of November.” It all sounded cool, but once the rumor hit I contacted a Warner Bros. rep and here is what I got:

“We have moved the release date of V for Vendetta to March 17, 2006, to accommodate the movie’s post-production schedule.”

One thing the move does is allows V to avoid going up against Disney’s Chicken Little, Fox’s The Family Stone and Universal’s Jarhead, which release on November 4th.

Instead it now faces Columbia Pictures’ feature R.V. starring Robin Williams and Lindsay Lohan’s Just My Luck, a bit easier comp if you ask me.

Last year WB’s Constantine made a similar move and was pushed from a late release in 2004 to February 18, 2005, there is no word if that film was also in need of further effects shots, which keeps me leaning towards the studio’s desire to avoid any association with the terrorist bombings in London earlier this summer. Either way I am still anxious to see V, it looks like it will be a movie to see.

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