Pacino Caught Stealing Jewelry


What do you do once 40 decades of films to remake have been exhausted? Why, head into the ’50s of course and that is exactly what Scott Steindorff’s Stone Village Pictures intends to do as Variety tells us the studio has acquired the remake rights to the 1955 French flick Rififi.

The heist flick will be contemporized and Al Pacino is already set to star with Harold Becker directing.

Variety describes the original flick as a film revolving around a career thief who, upon leaving prison, discovers his wife has left him. He returns to crime, plotting a daring jewelry store heist. Pic may best be remembered for a 30-minute robbery sequence that has no scripted dialogue or music.

Becker and Pacino are not by any means strangers as the two worked together on Sea of Love and City Hall.

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