Wanna See Some ‘Doom’ Footage?


The Tech Lounge has scored some new pics and even some footage from Universal Pictures’ upcoming videogame adaptation Doom, due in theaters on October 21st. The footage shows how the first person shooter (FPS) technique is going to look as they try to recreate the feel of the game by showing you the character’s point-of-view in specific scenes.

As you can see from the pic above the character on the “Doom 3” videogame box art will also be playing a role in the feature and the site has about 25 pics of the big guy in all his behind-the-scenes glory.

As for the video footage you will need to download the DivX codec inorder to play the footage but you can get that for free right here. The footage is very rough as it is a bootleg look as it is all a part of the site’s QuakeCon Coverage.

So get ready to geek out and check out the goods by clicking here or on the teaser pic above or the couple of teaser pics below.

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