When Will the ‘Sin City’ Special Edition DVD be Released?


If you haven’t read my review on today’s new release of the bare bones Sin City DVD you can check it out here, but as I have said countless times already this is not the only time Sin City will see its way to DVD as a special edition DVD has been planned even before the movie hit the theaters, but when will it hit is the big question, and I think we have an answer.

Thanks to a very reliable source that wished to remain anonymous we have learned that the Special Edition release of the Sin City DVD should be hitting shelves in December, and to quote my source, “They are releasing it for Christmas sales.” Not exactly a big surprise there eh?

So if you have no idea what exactly the special edition release will hold then let me once again give you a quick glance at what Robert Rodriguez told us back at the Sin City press junket:

“We shot the full stories of the books, and I knew we could truncate it down, knowing that we weren’t going to lose any scenes; eventually they would all be available for people to see,” Rodriguez said. “So the DVD will come out with the theatrical cut, and then there’ll be a separate disc that’s got the individual episodes separated with their own title card, and you can just watch ‘The Big Fat Kill’ from beginning to end, in the full cut as a single story, and then switch over and watch ‘That Yellow Bastard’ and that’s 45 minutes. It’ll have all the material back in. So it’ll be like the experience of picking up the book, where you pick up one story and you read it from beginning to end. And it’ll have all the material in it. You can shuffle your own version of the movie and just watch them all separately.”

For the full story click here.

Now, for those of you that hate the double-dip as much as I do this may be something to consider, but I will reiterate what I said in my review of today’s edition, “Buena Vista has done a superb job in transfering this visual masterpiece onto DVD. Along with superior video quality it also comes with a home theater shaking DTS track that makes watching this film just as enjoyable at home as it was in the theaters.”

So it is up to you whether to wait or not, I know I am the type of person that watches his favorite movies over and over again. Hell, I have already watched Sin City three times and only had it for about a week or so. If you want one for your collection click here, if you would rather wait, then head over to NetFlix and rent it for about four months.

Oh yeah, and stay tuned as I will have a review of the Sony PSP version of the film in the coming week.

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