Singh Helming ‘Westworld’ w/wo Governator


Back when Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected the governor of California the remake he was set to star in was shelved, but apparently Westworld is now a go with Tarsem Singh set to direct.

The film is a remake of the 1973 feature in which an amusement park designed for rich vacationers will satisfy your every need, but when a group of vacationers choose a wild west adventure things go haywire and a rogue gunslinging robot begins stalking the guests.

Schwarzenegger was originally set to play one of the guests but now his reps insist he is not involved with the project. As far as any other news on the feature there really isn’t any as a writer has not been brought on board and it is even said that Schwarzenegger may still find himself in the movie depending on his political future.

Arnie’s term ends January 2007 and if he does not seek re-election or loses he may be in the film, which means this one is way off in the future, but with Tarsem’s hire we may be getting more news soon.

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