‘Batman’ Sequel Ready to Roll


SCI FI Wire got in a few words with Batman Begins producer Charles Roven and he told them that the cast is signed on for a sequel and the new script is in the works and that new cast members are currently being discussed and the only thing left is an OK from director Christopher Nolan. Roven told SCI FI, “We all hope there is going to be another one… We’re waiting for Chris Nolan to declare himself. We will do it after he does that.”

I have to say there is no way this film will not be made, and Nolan would be crazy not to continue with what he has put together, Batman Begins currently sits atop my Best of 2005 list, which is not at all what I expected considering the abundance of superhero movies as of late.

The article goes on to say that Christian Bale will be back along with Michael Caine, Katie Holmes (yeah she is back you naysayers) and Gary Oldman. Word also comes in that the rumors of Steve Carell as The Joker are not true (who started that one anyway?).

As far as I am concerned the announcement of who will play The Joker will easily be the largest bit of casting news of the next year, I cannot wait. So Nolan, hustle up and sign on and give us a name dammit!

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