‘Domino’ Site Update!


With 2005 being a bit of a downer for good films I am happy knowing there are still a few films out there I am anxious to see and one of those just got a nice little site update, and that would be New Line’s upcoming feature Domino, starring Miss Keira Knightley, the hottest little thing on two feet.

The site is quite original as it now contains features such as some new pics giving you looks like the one below…

Then you can check out “The Bounty Hunter’s Quarterly,” a chance to “Bless a Friend,” downloads and a cool little feature taken from the LA Times giving the story behind the real Domino Harvey, take a read over a snippet of that below and then click here to enter the world of Domino, where it’s “heads you win, tails you die”… Enjoy!

The day Domino Harvey died, she called her former partner, Ed Martinez, to reminisce about old times — the three violent, thrilling years they spent together as bounty hunters in South Los Angeles.

Harvey, daughter of the late British actor Laurence Harvey and supermodel Paulene Stone, had led a tormented, eccentric existence. She ran a London dance club, worked as a ranch hand in San Diego, then became a “bail recovery agent,” hunting fugitives and carrying a shotgun she called Betsy.

A statuesque, 5-foot-9 blond, she seemed addicted to excitement, to adrenaline, as much as to cocaine and heroin.

Now, at 35, she was facing federal drug trafficking charges that carried a possible 10-year prison term. Word of her arrest had blazed through the British tabloids, infuriating her.

“She was telling me she was set up,” Martinez said.

Then there was the movie. “Domino,” an action comedy based on her life, was due in theaters soon. The film, starring Keira Knightley, took the usual Hollywood liberties with Harvey’s life, depicting her as a European fashion model who becomes a bounty hunter and goes on to have her own reality TV show.

Harvey told Martinez that she wanted to make a documentary about her life to set the record straight. All of her life, other people had defined her. Now, she wanted to do so.

That evening, June 27, friends visited her at her West Hollywood cottage. Around 11 p.m. everyone had left, except a live-in “minder” that Harvey had hired to help her stay clean. Harvey went into the bathroom and closed the door. Seven minutes later, she was found dead…

Get the rest at the official site… click here.

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